Benefits to Having a Mobile-Friendly Site

Jun 03, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in Website Design

You’ve been told your company needs your website to be mobile-friendly, but why? Isn’t your current website working just fine? Instead, it may be good to ask “are our precious clients and customers having the best experience possible on our website?”, and take into account the context of how the website is being used. Meet… Read more »

Think of SAM, not SEO: A Human-Centric Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Apr 24, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in The Watercooler

Are you doing your fellow man a favor when you post content? Instead of thinking “how can I make Google find my content?”, ask “how can I help a person, ‘Sam’ for example, find my content?”. All of the following human-centered guidelines align with SEO best practices, and so you can bet that if you follow… Read more »

The Origins of the Mystical Drop Shadow

Mar 12, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in The Watercooler

When and how did the use of drop shadows become popular? What made it so important for an element to float above a 2D surface? I started exploring these questions, but as my journey continued, more questions just rose to the surface. An Effect of Great Antiquity In my search to find the origin of… Read more »

Party Like a Designer

Feb 04, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in Project Highlights

Giving designers a project with few restrictions is like throwing a piñata party for them. Tons of excitement is wrapped up in the endless possibilities of what the final piece could be. This past fall, the design team at Cassel Bear was asked to take a swing at creating an item that could be given… Read more »

Top Five Design Mistakes

Oct 31, 2014 Posted by June Kucalaba in Origins

What is birthed at a creative agency in the short span of a few weeks may live forever at the company using it, so it’s important that their efforts be top-notch. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes a design team can make that potentially shorten the longevity and effectiveness of their work (or at least kill… Read more »

Flat Design is Here to Stay

Sep 17, 2014 Posted by June Kucalaba in Origins

Eliminate drop shadows, gradients, and textures, and you get flat design. What remains is typography and essential shapes. There is a growing movement towards flat design, and it’s more than just “pretty”. It’s embedded in the way we access information, our history, and our culture. You might have noticed that this shift has happened to… Read more »

Anatomy of a Project: Website for B & L Transport

Aug 15, 2014 Posted by June Kucalaba in Project Highlights

Imagine driving across scenic America in a semi truck decked out in red glossy paint and chrome, your favorite tunes playing and the cool wind in your hair. What could possibly be better? Getting paid to do it. B & L Transport is always on the lookout for drivers to add to their team, and… Read more »