Anatomy of a Project: Glenmont Furniture Catalog

Aug 12, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Project Highlights

In business for over 27 years, Edward Beachy prides himself not only on the heirloom quality furniture he builds, but also the variety of pieces and styles his company makes available to its customers. Working with over 100 retailers nationwide, Edward wanted to make sure his customers understood the breadth of Glenmont Furniture’s product offering… Read more »

Defining Brand Through Color

Jul 15, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Branding and Identity Design

As Jess touched on in a previous post, even a subtle shift in your brand’s color can have a far-reaching impact on how that brand is perceived by the public. As marketers, we understand this intuitively, but many of our clients don’t fully realize the importance of not only establishing, but applying, maintaining and protecting… Read more »

What’s a Vector, Victor?

May 27, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

I’ve seen it countless times over the years: a company spends a pretty penny on a new logo or branding package and then never receives instruction on which files to use for a particular situation. EPS or JPG? PDF or PNG? If your mind is focused on running your business, it’s easy to let all those different… Read more »

Stepping Out of the Design Bubble

Apr 08, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

A few weeks ago, I took off my headphones, stepped away from the safe glow of my iMac, and staffed a booth at a trade show for one of our clients, The Hardwood Furniture Guild. I definitely wasn’t a veteran of this particular industry. While this experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, I… Read more »