Anatomy of a Motto, Part Three

May 30, 2014 Posted by Craig Joseph in Anatomy of a Motto

The first thing Cassel Bear does is to define identity. That’s fairly straightforward, right? (If you’ve been reading, you know that writing this motto was as straightforward as birthing a rhinoceros.) There was first a conversation about whether identity and brand are the same, since the terms are often used interchangeably. After much spirited debate... Read more »


From British Columbia to Tibet

May 20, 2014 Posted by Karl Bear in The Watercooler

OLD BOOTS Brand: Vasque Sundowner Time length: 20 years (they just started leaking this spring) Travel: From the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia to the Himalayas in Tibet. NEW BOOTS Brand: Keen Erickson PCT Time length: 4 weeks and going strong Travel: From the Allegheny National Forest to a world of possibilities. A Hike in the... Read more »


Anatomy of a Motto, Part Two

May 14, 2014 Posted by Craig Joseph in Anatomy of a Motto

Leave it to a roomful of writers to spend days fixating on the first phrase of a motto, drafting and editing multiple options, only to end up with this: Cassel Bear. Our company name. We experimented with options that were more descriptive: “Cassel Bear is a design studio.” “A marketing agency.” “A branding firm.” None... Read more »


Anatomy of a Motto, Part One

May 08, 2014 Posted by Craig Joseph in Anatomy of a Motto

My first week at Cassel Bear, I learned that—for our new website’s homepage—we’d be sitting down as a team to write the company’s motto. To a writer, crafting this statement by committee sounded about as fun as getting punched in the face. Hard. Repeatedly. But several weeks later, we’re all still friends and we’ve arrived... Read more »