Anatomy of a Project: E-Pak Division Icons

Nov 01, 2016 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Branding and Identity Design

E-Pak Manufacturing, a heavy-equipment manufacturer based in Wooster, OH, has been a client of Cassel Bear’s for some time. Recently, our relationship has deepened and we were tasked with refining and tightening the overall E-Pak brand identity. Our goals were threefold: Bring more consistency to the various branded materials (sell sheets, brochures, website, etc) Establish... Read more »


Was it Inspiration or Plagiarism?

Oct 19, 2016 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in The Watercooler

Plagiarism is a hot topic, and also a messy topic, especially nowadays when it’s difficult to separate original thought from the mass of ideas we’re bombarded with each day via a vast variety of medias. We all know not to rip an image from Google and drop it into our website or brochure, but some... Read more »


The Environment and Design, Part 2: Print

Jan 11, 2017 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in The Watercooler

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of web design and the environment, let’s take a look at the flip side: print.   Print PROS Most papers are either biodegradable or recyclable, and some earth-friendly inks are available. The decomposition time for paper is somewhere between 2 weeks and 40 years, vs. the metals,... Read more »


The Real Value of Branded Photography

Jan 04, 2017 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Branding and Identity Design

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how can you be sure your company’s photos are saying the right ones?   People are inherently visual; we respond to colors, react to faces, and often glean abstract concepts from a seemingly straightforward photo. There’s even science to back this up: it’s called the Picture Superiority... Read more »


Everyday Inspiration

Oct 12, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

About a month ago, my wife and I moved to a house in the country. One of the perks of moving out of the city was gaining more elbow room. Our new property abounds in plants and trees, with a back yard that rolls gently downhill to a stream. We still have neighbors, but they’re... Read more »


The Forecast Calls for a Creative Brainstorm

Sep 28, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Branding and Identity Design

The team members at Health Choice One make it their mission to connect individuals with comprehensive, affordable health insurance. The specialists broker a wide array of plans and packages from multiple different carriers until they find the perfect fit for each customer. Last year, Cassel Bear had the privilege of designing a mailer for Health... Read more »


A Sharp New Political Vernacular

Sep 08, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

Each political season ushers in the usual array of candidates of every ideology and stripe, accompanied by the expected rhetoric, slogans, signage, and SuperPAC ads. Each season also births a new crop of campaign logos, and shortly thereafter, designers’ critical commentary of those logos. For better or worse, design writers will spend hours picking apart... Read more »


Designers Head-to-Head: Mastercard

Aug 23, 2016 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Branding and Identity Design

For this week’s post, we’re trying something a little different. Jesse & I, two designers at Cassel Bear, recorded a recent conversation we had about the new Mastercard branding, designed by Pentagram. Edited for clarity and length.  Matt: So the new Mastercard identity came out a few weeks ago, and it’s been making the rounds... Read more »


An Identity to Aspire Toward

Aug 10, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Anatomy of a Motto

When we begin working with a company, business, or organization to help develop a brand and identity, we pay as much attention to the words that are being spoken / written and how they’re being conveyed (“the voice” of the client) as we do to the visual aspects of the identity, like the logo, brand... Read more »


How Does Your Brand Grow?

Jul 13, 2016 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in Branding and Identity Design

Your brand is alive. Did you know that? Consider an ever-growing garden: it evolves even if you decide to dump trash in it, neglect it, and let it grow over with weeds. Though you nurse and refine the garden until it’s the most beautiful yard on the block, occasional pruning will still be necessary. Just... Read more »