Fresh Squeezed Branding, Identity Design and Logo Design

Jul 01, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Branding and Identity Design

The world of branding, identity design, and logo design is the world in which we live in at Cassel Bear. However, it is always helpful and refreshing to review the basics and underlying tenets of this work. I like the word choices that David Haigh of Brand Finance uses to articulate three primary functions of... Read more »



(And How You Can Improve Yours)

Jun 24, 2015 Posted by Valerie Shaver in Marketing

The truth is, we could all benefit from learning to handle our emotions more constructively. It’s been a few weeks since part one of this message. If you took the test linked to the first blog post on the subject, and found that your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is not all you would like it to... Read more »


Benefits to Having a Mobile-Friendly Site

Jun 03, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in Website Design

You’ve been told your company needs your website to be mobile-friendly, but why? Isn’t your current website working just fine? Instead, it may be good to ask “are our precious clients and customers having the best experience possible on our website?”, and take into account the context of how the website is being used. Meet... Read more »


What’s a Vector, Victor?

May 27, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

I’ve seen it countless times over the years: a company spends a pretty penny on a new logo or branding package and then never receives instruction on which files to use for a particular situation. EPS or JPG? PDF or PNG? If your mind is focused on running your business, it’s easy to let all those different... Read more »


To Re-color or Not to Re-color

May 20, 2015 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in Marketing

  Back in March we talked about the highly-criticized update to the Cleveland Browns team brand colors. We asked: Does color matter? And yes, it does…to an extent. Here’s the deal—brand color change can have a huge impact on your company, but like any other marketing tool, you need to weigh its importance out while... Read more »


It’s 3 AM and I Just Visited Your Website

May 13, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

Remember a time when buying decisions were made between sun up and sun down? Let’s face it: in recent years, you have probably made a purchase in the middle of the night after waking up and thinking about the item you have been mulling over for a few days. This late night purchase has been,... Read more »


Why We Love Emotional Intelligence

(And You Should Too)

May 07, 2015 Posted by Valerie Shaver in Marketing

You probably know someone who is a very good listener. He always seems to know the right questions to ask, just what to say, and how to say it, without causing offense. He is genuinely thoughtful and caring. After conversing with him, you tend to feel better, and even if no solution to your problem... Read more »


What’s In a Name?

May 01, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

I’ve been directing a production of the classic musical, South Pacific, for the last few months; our first performance was Saturday and opening night was everything I hoped it would be, except for one major exception. Instead of sitting in the crowd, enjoying the fruits of my labors and the responses of an enthusiastic audience, I... Read more »


Think of SAM, not SEO: A Human-Centric Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Apr 24, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in The Watercooler

Are you doing your fellow man a favor when you post content? Instead of thinking “how can I make Google find my content?”, ask “how can I help a person, ‘Sam’ for example, find my content?”. All of the following human-centered guidelines align with SEO best practices, and so you can bet that if you follow... Read more »


Is Your Brand Dressed for Your Destination?

Apr 15, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

Your company has a brand, and that brand says quite a bit about your company, whether or not you intend for it. Just like a person, you can tell where they’re from by how they dress and the language they speak. And if your brand wants to travel, it needs to dress appropriately and learn... Read more »