Stepping Out of the Design Bubble

Apr 08, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

A few weeks ago, I took off my headphones, stepped away from the safe glow of my iMac, and staffed a booth at a trade show for one of our clients, The Hardwood Furniture Guild. I definitely wasn’t a veteran of this particular industry. While this experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, I... Read more »


50 Shades of Orange

Mar 26, 2015 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in Marketing

Almost literally, color is everywhere. Whether or not we notice it, we are constantly exposed to it. From a marketing standpoint, color is incredibly important. We probably would not be calmed and reassured by a bank logo in bright red, nor would we want to chow on a burger at a fast-food restaurant decorated in... Read more »


The Origins of the Mystical Drop Shadow

Mar 12, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in The Watercooler

When and how did the use of drop shadows become popular? What made it so important for an element to float above a 2D surface? I started exploring these questions, but as my journey continued, more questions just rose to the surface. An Effect of Great Antiquity In my search to find the origin of... Read more »


What the Tortoise Knows About Marketing

Mar 04, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

When it comes to marketing, I bet that you would not hold The Tortoise on a pedestal as someone to emulate. Yet, as the fable of The Tortoise and The Hare has been retold through the ages, the end results have not changed: The Hare has never yet won the race, and most importantly the... Read more »


The Tagline: An Appreciation

Feb 26, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

One of the biggest changes in my marketing career, since arriving at Cassel Bear, is how frequently I’m called upon to write taglines for clients: for their businesses, for events, capital campaigns, and more. While I like to think I’m an endless fount of creative and pithy marketing slogans, confident in my ability to wield... Read more »


Graphic Design: An Appreciation

Feb 19, 2015 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in The Watercooler

Graphic design has been around for centuries. The Romans used symbolic way-finding signage to communicate with people who spoke different languages. The Egyptians left historic tributes through hieroglyphics and illustrations. One might say that design is engrained in culture almost as much as music and art. But if you ask someone what graphic design is,... Read more »


Party Like a Designer

Feb 04, 2015 Posted by June Kucalaba in Project Highlights

Giving designers a project with few restrictions is like throwing a piñata party for them. Tons of excitement is wrapped up in the endless possibilities of what the final piece could be. This past fall, the design team at Cassel Bear was asked to take a swing at creating an item that could be given... Read more »


How does a company decide to rebrand?

Jan 28, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

This week I was asked, “Should a company redesign its brand and marketing materials just to do it?” This is a great question and the answer is, “no.” When rebranding, or designing a new logo, brochure, catalogue or website, there should always be a compelling reason—a “why”—that drives the project. Rebranding and designing new materials... Read more »


Towards Ethical Marketing

Jan 21, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

“Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert.”  (Adolf Hitler) This past weekend, I paid a visit to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Beachwood, Ohio, where I spent hours in the visiting exhibit, State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda. Created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,... Read more »


8 Warning Signs that You Need a Graphic Designer

Jan 14, 2015 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in The Watercooler

Don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there before—the only person in the room who didn’t know the words to “Piano Man” or the person who sat backstage telling everyone, “Good luck,” instead of “Break a leg!” At some point we all need a little guidance. Below is a non-exhaustive list of signs that you are... Read more »