The Marketing Team of Tomorrow

May 18, 2017 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

Ever wonder how marketing teams are birthed? Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy has developed four Schools of Distinction that focus on providing an experiential, project-based, education to aid students in discerning a potential field of study as they prep for college. Students get to choose if they would like to apply to one of these schools during... Read more »


Don’t let Amazon’s remarketing steal your joy this holiday season!

Dec 14, 2016 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

You are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one. You have an idea and you scour Amazon, investing time in reading reviews to make sure you understand what you are buying. You narrow down the selection. That’s it. That’s the gift. She is going to LOVE it. You are so excited! Fast forward... Read more »


To Blog or Not to Blog

Nov 16, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

One of the first questions we get from clients who are considering building a new website or updating their current one is: “Should we have a blog?” And almost immediately, we come back at them with a smile and a well-timed, “Should you?” We’re not really that glib. But the question does sort of answer... Read more »


The Forecast Calls for a Creative Brainstorm

Sep 28, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Branding and Identity Design

The team members at Health Choice One make it their mission to connect individuals with comprehensive, affordable health insurance. The specialists broker a wide array of plans and packages from multiple different carriers until they find the perfect fit for each customer. Last year, Cassel Bear had the privilege of designing a mailer for Health... Read more »


A Sharp New Political Vernacular

Sep 08, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

Each political season ushers in the usual array of candidates of every ideology and stripe, accompanied by the expected rhetoric, slogans, signage, and SuperPAC ads. Each season also births a new crop of campaign logos, and shortly thereafter, designers’ critical commentary of those logos. For better or worse, design writers will spend hours picking apart... Read more »


An Identity to Aspire Toward

Aug 10, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Anatomy of a Motto

When we begin working with a company, business, or organization to help develop a brand and identity, we pay as much attention to the words that are being spoken / written and how they’re being conveyed (“the voice” of the client) as we do to the visual aspects of the identity, like the logo, brand... Read more »


Type Trends

Jun 28, 2016 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Branding and Identity Design

“90 percent of design is typography. And the other 90 percent is whitespace.” – Jeffrey Zeldman While many elements such as color, composition, texture, and movement, are shared between graphic design and other visual disciplines, typography is the closest we graphic designers get to an exclusive practice. Typography, in many ways, is graphic design at... Read more »


Anatomy of a Project: Seneca Label Direct Mail Cards

Jun 15, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

Earlier this year Craig described how we worked with Seneca Label to push their internal brand and language to better reflect their can-do attitude and energy. This led to a new motto and tagline that better captures their voice. These branding explorations also paved the way to a bolder, more creative design style that takes... Read more »


Kodak Moments: Photos in Marketing, Part Three

Jun 01, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. In Part One of this series, I talked a bit about the role that good photography plays in successful marketing efforts, and offered some hints to help you evaluate the current images on your website and print pieces. In my second installment, I highlighted some... Read more »


March (Marketing) Madness

Mar 30, 2016 Posted by Mark Gornto in Marketing

March. Basketball. It’s the time of year when terms like “boss button” and “bracket busters” are everywhere. Each year, in late March, millions of people tune in to watch young athletes play not for money, but for pride. For the love of the game. To bring glory to the schools they represent. It is also... Read more »


Direct Mail Marketing: How much data have you given away?

Mar 10, 2016 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

Previously I blogged about the contents of my mailbox on a random day, read it here – “Direct Mail Marketing“, and challenged readers to play along by examining each piece of mail they received in a given day. Moving from the “contents of your mailbox review”, let’s break down the mechanics of direct marketing. The... Read more »


Anatomy of a Project: Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market Brand Refresh

Jan 29, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

Sometimes an established brand needs to move forward with the times but doesn’t require a full-blown rebranding. In this case, it makes sense to evolve the brand, not reinvent it. Think of it as taking a periodic evaluation of your wardrobe. You’ll want to keep your timeless tried-and-true basics because they form the foundation of... Read more »


Anatomy of a Motto: The Voice

Jan 13, 2016 Posted by Craig Joseph in Anatomy of a Motto

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve spoken to someone on the phone or communicated with them via e-mail, only to meet them in person and discover that they don’t even remotely conform to the portrait you’d created of them in your mind’s eye? This can sometimes be a good thing, on a micro-level.... Read more »


The Marketing Agency of Tomorrow

Dec 03, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

At Cassel Bear, we spend a lot of our time strategizing, copywriting, pushing pixels and sketching – all in the service of our clients’ marketing needs. But every  once in a while, we get a little break in our daily grind to do something a a little different and often exciting. Such was the case... Read more »


So You Hired a Marketing Agency. Now What?

Nov 04, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

Note: This is a follow-up to Craig’s post, “So You Wanna Work with a Marketing Agency?” Congratulations, you’ve hired an agency! You’ve just entered into a special relationship, one which will propel your business into the future and and elevate your brand to new levels of success. You’ve also likely carved out a budget, paid... Read more »


Direct Mail Marketing: What’s in your mailbox?

Oct 28, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

I opened my mailbox today and decided to play a game with the mail we received at home. The “game” was to analyze each piece of direct mail. Item 1: Happy Birthday postcard from DHC Audience: Personalized micro-targeted Message Strategy: Exclusive message with exclusive offer Creative: 4 x 6 postcard, 4 color over 1 color... Read more »


So You Wanna Work with a Marketing Agency?

Oct 22, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

Take comfort. Many companies or nonprofits have been there before. You want to do a better job marketing what you sell or what you’re about, but the tyranny of other urgent tasks keeps you from making as concerted effort as you’d like. You occasionally update your website; you’ve made cursory attempts to break into social... Read more »


Kodak Moments: Photography in Marketing, Part Two

Aug 06, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Branding and Identity Design

In my last installment, we discussed the role that good photography plays in conveying the story of your brand across all of your marketing efforts. And we hinted at some tell-tale signs that it’s time to re-do the photography on your website or print pieces. You can always hire Cassel Bear to help capture some... Read more »


Defining Brand Through Color

Jul 15, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Branding and Identity Design

As Jess touched on in a previous post, even a subtle shift in your brand’s color can have a far-reaching impact on how that brand is perceived by the public. As marketers, we understand this intuitively, but many of our clients don’t fully realize the importance of not only establishing, but applying, maintaining and protecting... Read more »


Kodak Moments: Photography in Marketing, Part One

Jul 09, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Branding and Identity Design

As a copywriter, I’m loath to admit it, but the old adage is certainly true: a good picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words. Especially when dealing with photography that communicates brand identity on a website, print piece, billboard, or e-blast. Many times, when clients come to Cassel Bear for design work, we suggest... Read more »



(And How You Can Improve Yours)

Jun 24, 2015 Posted by Valerie Shaver in Marketing

The truth is, we could all benefit from learning to handle our emotions more constructively. It’s been a few weeks since part one of this message. If you took the test linked to the first blog post on the subject, and found that your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is not all you would like it to... Read more »


What’s a Vector, Victor?

May 27, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

I’ve seen it countless times over the years: a company spends a pretty penny on a new logo or branding package and then never receives instruction on which files to use for a particular situation. EPS or JPG? PDF or PNG? If your mind is focused on running your business, it’s easy to let all those different... Read more »


To Re-color or Not to Re-color

May 20, 2015 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in Marketing

  Back in March we talked about the highly-criticized update to the Cleveland Browns team brand colors. We asked: Does color matter? And yes, it does…to an extent. Here’s the deal—brand color change can have a huge impact on your company, but like any other marketing tool, you need to weigh its importance out while... Read more »


It’s 3 AM and I Just Visited Your Website

May 13, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

Remember a time when buying decisions were made between sun up and sun down? Let’s face it: in recent years, you have probably made a purchase in the middle of the night after waking up and thinking about the item you have been mulling over for a few days. This late night purchase has been,... Read more »


Why We Love Emotional Intelligence

(And You Should Too)

May 07, 2015 Posted by Valerie Shaver in Marketing

You probably know someone who is a very good listener. He always seems to know the right questions to ask, just what to say, and how to say it, without causing offense. He is genuinely thoughtful and caring. After conversing with him, you tend to feel better, and even if no solution to your problem... Read more »


What’s In a Name?

May 01, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

I’ve been directing a production of the classic musical, South Pacific, for the last few months; our first performance was Saturday and opening night was everything I hoped it would be, except for one major exception. Instead of sitting in the crowd, enjoying the fruits of my labors and the responses of an enthusiastic audience, I... Read more »


Is Your Brand Dressed for Your Destination?

Apr 15, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

Your company has a brand, and that brand says quite a bit about your company, whether or not you intend for it. Just like a person, you can tell where they’re from by how they dress and the language they speak. And if your brand wants to travel, it needs to dress appropriately and learn... Read more »


Stepping Out of the Design Bubble

Apr 08, 2015 Posted by Matthew Markiewicz in Marketing

A few weeks ago, I took off my headphones, stepped away from the safe glow of my iMac, and staffed a booth at a trade show for one of our clients, The Hardwood Furniture Guild. I definitely wasn’t a veteran of this particular industry. While this experience pushed me out of my comfort zone, I... Read more »


50 Shades of Orange

Mar 26, 2015 Posted by Jessica Kirkwood in Marketing

Almost literally, color is everywhere. Whether or not we notice it, we are constantly exposed to it. From a marketing standpoint, color is incredibly important. We probably would not be calmed and reassured by a bank logo in bright red, nor would we want to chow on a burger at a fast-food restaurant decorated in... Read more »


What the Tortoise Knows About Marketing

Mar 04, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

When it comes to marketing, I bet that you would not hold The Tortoise on a pedestal as someone to emulate. Yet, as the fable of The Tortoise and The Hare has been retold through the ages, the end results have not changed: The Hare has never yet won the race, and most importantly the... Read more »


The Tagline: An Appreciation

Feb 26, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

One of the biggest changes in my marketing career, since arriving at Cassel Bear, is how frequently I’m called upon to write taglines for clients: for their businesses, for events, capital campaigns, and more. While I like to think I’m an endless fount of creative and pithy marketing slogans, confident in my ability to wield... Read more »


How does a company decide to rebrand?

Jan 28, 2015 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

This week I was asked, “Should a company redesign its brand and marketing materials just to do it?” This is a great question and the answer is, “no.” When rebranding, or designing a new logo, brochure, catalogue or website, there should always be a compelling reason—a “why”—that drives the project. Rebranding and designing new materials... Read more »


Towards Ethical Marketing

Jan 21, 2015 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

“Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert.”  (Adolf Hitler) This past weekend, I paid a visit to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Beachwood, Ohio, where I spent hours in the visiting exhibit, State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda. Created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,... Read more »


A Marketing Rubric Gives You Reasons in the Season

Dec 12, 2014 Posted by Karl Bear in Marketing

Do you find yourself trying to wade through every “must-have” advertising opportunity that comes along? Does your methodology for how to spend advertising dollars toward marketing opportunities ebb and flow based on the time of day or the weather? Likely, there are a few more concrete guidelines than those, but often it is difficult to... Read more »


Content Notes from the Grammar Police

Dec 08, 2014 Posted by Craig Joseph in Marketing

At Cassel Bear, we’re fans of great marketing copy. Nothing gets us more excited than watching a business or organization begin to articulate a unique brand identity or story through content that is well-crafted, distinctively voiced, and engaging. Too often, though, what is said gets lost in how it’s said. Grammar gaffes and spelling mistakes... Read more »


Standing Out In All Seasons

Nov 19, 2014 Posted by Valerie Shaver in Marketing

How can a golf ball be so hard to find in a sea of leaves? Wrapping up the golf season on a gorgeous fall day, I was appreciating the beauty of the leaves until one of my shots landed in a sea of them. You would think a white ball would stand out in the... Read more »


When Design Drives Purchase

Oct 27, 2014 Posted by Megan Bush in Marketing

Product packaging and labeling have been around for centuries, dating back to the first or second century B.C. Even the earliest consumers needed a way to differentiate what they were buying. These early packages, however, only served two purposes—identify and protect the product. Fast forward to 2014 when purchasing goods is a daily occurrence for... Read more »


Direct Mail or Online Marketing?

Sep 12, 2014 Posted by Megan Bush in Marketing

With the advent of online marketing and the inexpensive cost of creating and sending email newsletters, people are asking if print and direct mail hold much value any longer. It begs the question: how long did you spend reading the last e-blast you received, or paying attention to the ads popping up on the most... Read more »