Logo Design Evolution at Cassel Bear

Jun 14, 2017 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

  Here at Cassel Bear, we’re wrapping up a yearlong process of reimagining our brand. As we settle into our new open-plan office space, a custom sign for the front of our building is being fabricated, redesigned stationery and business cards are at the printer, and our multiple brainstorming rooms are playing host to energetic... Read more »


Anatomy of a Project: Criswell Furniture Catalog

Apr 12, 2017 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

Recently we had the opportunity, and welcome challenge, of working with the team at Criswell Furniture on an update to their product catalog. The primary goal was to freshen up and modernize the feel of the piece while still using existing photography. This meant the design would have to do the heavy lifting while still... Read more »


Everyday Inspiration

Oct 12, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

About a month ago, my wife and I moved to a house in the country. One of the perks of moving out of the city was gaining more elbow room. Our new property abounds in plants and trees, with a back yard that rolls gently downhill to a stream. We still have neighbors, but they’re... Read more »


Anatomy of a Project: Seneca Label Direct Mail Cards

Jun 15, 2016 Posted by Jesse Ewing in Branding and Identity Design

Earlier this year Craig described how we worked with Seneca Label to push their internal brand and language to better reflect their can-do attitude and energy. This led to a new motto and tagline that better captures their voice. These branding explorations also paved the way to a bolder, more creative design style that takes... Read more »


Top Five Design Mistakes

Oct 31, 2014 Posted by June Kucalaba in Origins

What is birthed at a creative agency in the short span of a few weeks may live forever at the company using it, so it’s important that their efforts be top-notch. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes a design team can make that potentially shorten the longevity and effectiveness of their work (or at least kill... Read more »


Flat Design is Here to Stay

Sep 17, 2014 Posted by June Kucalaba in Origins

Eliminate drop shadows, gradients, and textures, and you get flat design. What remains is typography and essential shapes. There is a growing movement towards flat design, and it’s more than just “pretty”. It’s embedded in the way we access information, our history, and our culture. You might have noticed that this shift has happened to... Read more »


Kent State vs. The Real World

Aug 28, 2014 Posted by Megan Bush in Origins

“When am I ever going to use this in real life?” How often have you heard yourself, your kids, or your friends say this over the years? I know that phrase came out of my mouth plenty of times during my primary school years and even into college. For example, that Geology class I had... Read more »


1988 Advertising Contest–A Marketing Business

Aug 11, 2014 Posted by Karl Bear in Origins

I was recently asked why I got into the marketing and design business, which led me to rediscover a few moments of my childhood. Shuffling through a box marked “keepsakes” revealed something I had long forgotten. A yellowing newspaper, dated October 1988, which reminded me of my debut, as an 8th grader, into marketing and... Read more »