Amish Pie Company


Amish Pie, founded in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, sells delicious Amish-made pies and baked goods in various stores throughout Ohio and surrounding states. When Amish Pie first approached Cassel Bear, they were in need of a logo mark and brand development. Since then, we have integrated the brand throughout their web, packaging, brochures, tradeshow displays, and photography. We also developed their memorable tagline.

This logo includes a custom-made illustration and typography.


A letter from Marie is graced by a colorful letterhead that accompanies each order that is shipped out.

Rack Card

Amish Pie connects with their distribution channels at tradeshows. The rack card is a quick way to get a bit of information into the buyers’ hands quickly.


Each pie is packaged and shipped in an Amish Pie box to ensure that customers receive it as though it just came out of the oven.

Fry Pie Boxes

Delectable fry pies deserve their own special place on the shelf. Amish Pie connects with hungry travelers around the East coast by providing a taste of Amish Country in hundreds of convenience stores with these smaller versions.


The Amish Pie catalog showcases the many pastries that are offered from the bakery. It accompanies each order that is shipped out.