Armor of Hope


Armor of Hope Ministries partners with remote villages located in northwestern Honduras in Central America. Their focus is to alleviate human suffering in impoverished areas through sustainable, faith-based development. They work with local villages and residents to develop their skills and knowledge in health, hygiene, education, and vocational training. The ultimate goal is to raise up local leaders who can continue the work and challenge the villages to self-determine their own needs and solutions.
Armor of Hope came to Cassel Bear looking for help in developing a video piece that would introduce their varied initiatives to potential donors – individual and corporate. They were hoping for something that could be played in both large group settings (annual fundraising events) and also in one-on-one settings (meetings in homes or offices with single donors) to both convey the change and transformation that is happening in Honduras, but also convey the ongoing need or new visions that can occur with continued financial support.