Canton Museum of Art – UPLIFT


The Canton Museum of Art came to Cassel Bear with a theme – UPLIFT – for their annual fund campaign. The concept was that a strong museum does more than just to expose people to beautiful artwork; it catalyzes the creativity of children who take its classes, it builds community among peoples who volunteer and attend, it fosters connections to new ideas through lectures and events. The Museum team wanted to avoid just a dry letter asking for money; they wanted to capture the creativity and whimsy that exists within the walls of the building, while still retaining the sense of class and high quality that its members have come to expect. To accomplish all of this, Cassel Bear crafted original illustrations of things that float, fly, and ascend – paper airplanes, balloons, feathers, kites. We arranged all of these items above a hand-drawn version of downtown Canton, and then devised a unique folding pattern for the brochure that would allow delighted readers to follow the vertical trajectory from street to sky.