Canton Museum of Art – The GARTen of Good and Evil


When the Canton Museum of Art sought out Cassel Bear to assist with the marketing for an art-themed fundraising event, it provided us with an opportunity to move away from the computer and pull out the paints and colored pencils. These original illustrations were created to capture a feeling of exoticism and mystery, akin to Day of the Dead imagery, while still remaining beautiful and whimsical.


As we worked, we began to realize that no digital font was going to look good alongside the illustration we’d developed. So we created a hand-drawn font to complement the imagery.

Save the Date Card

This save the date card was the first print piece which incorporated the hand-drawn elements into a cohesive marketing effort. We spent quite a bit of time figuring out which visual elements – the frame, the flowers, the snake, the sugar skull, the lettering – would dominate to best capture the feel of the event without becoming too dark. In the end, the sugar skull took a secondary role to allow the event’s title to gain more prominence and to simplify the central imagery.