Gen-X Freight Services

Logo & Tagline

As owner Paul Ford began to grow Gen-X Freight Services, he knew that he could no longer rely on word-of-mouth to bring in new clients. So he turned to Cassel Bear to help him develop a public-facing written and visual identity  that would attract new business. As brokers within the shipping industry, Paul’s team members interface with both shippers and carriers, facilitating partnerships that need to be beneficial for everyone, so it became important to their team to stress qualities – honesty, integrity, authenticity, service – that are not always prevalent among brokers. This distinctive “above reproach” approach is apparent in their new logo, tagline, motto, and values, which stress relationship and engagement.


Gen-X’s website needed to be functional for several different groups: new clients looking for a quote, existing clients curious about the status of their account, and carriers looking to give feedback about working with the company. So Cassel Bear developed a site with several different pathways for different users, capturing authentic photography to complement the modern design.

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