Glenmont Furniture

Brochure & Folder

Shortly after Cassel Bear designed their robust new catalog, the Glenmont Furniture team members asked for a smaller, less comprehensive piece that would showcase their work, but that could be mass produced at a lower price point to hand out at trade shows, on sales routes, at conventions and more. In response, we designed a tri-fold brochure that briefly introduces each furniture collection, available stain options, and provides a brief history of the company. We also created a complementary folder in which the brochure – along with individual sell sheets on specific pieces – can be collected. The hope is that these introductory pieces generate relationships with new dealers who, in turn, will then request the full catalog for more information.


We’d been working with Edward Beachy of Glenmont Furniture for about a year – updating his logo, drafting a motto statement and tagline, and designing sell sheets – when he asked us to undertake the monumental task of creating a brand new catalog to showcase the elegant bedroom and dining sets that he and his staff hand craft. This project was the perfect melding of left- and right-brained tasks for our team. We set up and art directed photo shoots to obtain stunning new shots of Glenmont’s handiwork, a vast improvement over some of the Photoshopped shots from before. Additionally, we developed a clean and simple color-coding system to differentiate several collections. At the same time, we managed and kept track of literally hundreds of different item numbers, dimensions, and customization options – a wealth of information – that needed to be clearly and succinctly communicated to ¬†Glenmont dealers around the country. The end result? An artful, clean, comprehensive resource, highlighting one of Amish Country’s master craftsmen.