Hardwood Furniture Guild

Brand Intro Brochure

After creating the logomark and brand, Cassel Bear developed an introductory book to help members and buyers alike grow accustomed to the new cohesive identity for HFG.

2016–2017 Buyer Resource

As part of Hardwood Furniture Guild’s continued emphasis on marketing the furniture manufacturing industry, the Guild partnered with us to redesign the robust Buyer Resource we’d previously created for them. Cassel Bear undertook the task of reaching out to over 200 builders featured in the guide to gather updates to their profile pages – new photos, adapted copy, additional pieces or styles of furniture they are now creating – and then craft a new version of this directory for use by furniture retailers all over the country.

Annual Dinner Invitation

The Hardwood Furniture Guild’s Annual Dinner allows members and other local interested parties not only to hear about the Guild’s initiatives over the past year, but also to be equipped and trained for growing and improving their furniture manufacturing. 2016’s meeting featured more speakers than usual, so Cassel Bear was tasked with presenting these multiple options in a small amount of space. We used simple colors and geometric shapes to differentiate and organize lots of written content.

Furniture World Ad

The Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market has allowed Cassel Bear to create, fine-tune, and evolve their brand over time, changing and transforming as the Market has grown. This year, the brand begins to use bolder color choices, contrasting geometry, and photography used outside its original context. The goal (and result) is to bring a bit more energy, pop, and whimsy to the marketing materials to reflect both the Market’s transition to a new location and the diversifying types and styles of furniture that attendees will see when they visit. The first manifestation of the new brand was for a series of ads in Furniture World magazine.

Lunch & Learn Invitation

The Hardwood Furniture Guild hopes to host its annual Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market at Harvest Ridge, the new Holmes County Fairgrounds, in future years. Because of this, the Guild has been doing its part to encourage its member builders to raise and commit funds to the large building project. This invitation is one of several pieces we designed, inviting constituents to attend one of several events laying out the plan behind Harvest Ridge and different ways that businesses can donate to the cause. The design makes use of the Guild’s brand colors and fonts while introducing the speech bubble motif to capture voices from the community who are already committed to the effort.

Buyer’s Guide

The buyer’s guide serves as an advertising opportunity for all of the members of HFG.

Buyer Resource

This 88 page resource displays all of the Guild members in a unified manner, allowing buyers to easily source products they need to provide what their customers seek.


The Hardwood Furniture Guild has been a longstanding client who we’ve had the pleasure of working with as they’ve created and evolved their brand over the years. 2016 found Cassel Bear updating HFG’s website. We crafted an entirely new design that remained consistent with the brand’s visual style, while lending it a more modern and contemporary flair. An additional improvement: the website is now responsive, allowing users on a number of devices and platforms to access all the site has to offer. One of the major offerings is a robust member directory tool, through which users can find information on furniture makers around the Midwest. Cassel Bear constructed a database that can be filtered by product type, furniture style, and much more.


Visit the site: hardwoodfurnitureguild.com

Furniture Tag

These soft laminate tags are attached to furniture that leaves a Guild builder’s facilities. The tag is a mark of distinction so that buyers know that a the builder is a member of the Guild.


Brand photography is defined and used across all branded materials.

Retail Videos

The Hardwood Furniture Guild found that furniture retailers around the country were seeking tools to help them sell Ohio-made furniture in their stores and on their showroom floors, so they commissioned Cassel Bear to help. We developed a series of five short films, each extolling a different feature of Guild furniture, to be played in the stores and on their websites. Each retail store owner who attended the Hardwood Furniture Market in Spring 2015 received a set of the 5 DVDs; they were also mailed out to the Guild’s mailing list.

We decided to take a highly narrative approach, wrapping each feature in a story that could make a more heart-centric appeal for Guild furniture. A story of family holiday gatherings was used to talk about heirloom quality. Craig invoked his grandfather’s immigration story to discuss “made in America.” A walk in the woods turned into a rumination on the importance of environmental consciousness. Experiences in theatrical set-building led to reflections on fine craftsmanship. And we followed Craig’s Mom through her redecorating adventure to find out how the Guild makes the lady of the house happy.

From start to finish – connecting, writing, shooting, directing, acting, editing, and packaging – this is a project that Cassel Bear was pleased to be a part of, and of which we’re extremely proud.