Help Me Grow

Marketing Campaign

Help Me Grow (HMG) is a nonprofit organization that works in the Holmes County, Ohio Health Department.

Cassel Bear was hired to develop a themed campaign, marketing the services of Help Me Grow. After researching the area’s demographics, we found that illustration would carry the most visual impact to the entire audience. We concepted and crafted storybook quality illustrations, which would be reminiscent of childhood.
The main illustration is a brown squirrel: a quirky, energetic, and oft seen animal in the area. This squirrel is pictured engaging in nurturing activities reminiscent of new parents. The illustrations depict helping a baby develop motor skills by rolling a ball back and forth, showing a baby his reflection, rocking a baby in the wee hours, helping a baby eat, and providing fun bath times. Along with these familiar parental interactions, a visual human element – such as a diaper, scarf, or quilted blanket – was added to each illustration for increased identification with the characters.
This marketing campaign was then carried forward with written copy, and these colorful illustrations were integrated into trade show graphics, plush squirrels, board books, billboards, brochures, in-home visitor apparel, posters, direct mail pieces, pens, magnets, letterhead, and advertisements.