Loukas Engineering

Business Card & Brochure

Loukas Engineering has continued to grow, and owners Nick and Shelley Loukas were looking for trade show marketing communications that they could give to prospective clients. Cassel Bear’s hard work establishing a compelling visual identity and informative content for the website provided a jumping off point for new business cards and a sales brochure. The brochure benefitted from the traffic light-inspired color palette and a distinctive paper fold, allowing it to stand out amidst a sea of other trade show handouts.


When Nick and Shelley Loukas decided to grow their business, they knew that the first step was to develop a website. They turned to Cassel Bear to create a something that captured their expertise and know-how in the traffic consulting field, but without seeming dry, technical and distant. With artful touches (the abstract use of traffic signal lights, stunning photography, bold and striking icons) and contemporary design (parallax scrolling and images that flip to reveal content), we emerged with an online presence for Loukas Engineering with just the perfect balance of credibility and accessibility.

Visit the site: loukasengineering.com