Jessica Kirkwood

Senior Designer

The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.

—Victor Papanek

Jessica Kirkwood joined Cassel Bear in 2009 as print and web designer. She has worn many hats within Cassel Bear, working her way up to Art Director before acting as Senior Designer at Cassel Bear which allows her to be home for her new daughter, Audrey. Drawing from her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design from Kent State, Jess produces her own innovative style of branding, photography, illustration and design. Jess’s interests in psychology and sociology pair perfectly with her spot-on branding and marketing skills.

Jess seizes every opportunity to haul out her art supplies and dig into whatever paint or wood-burning materials she can land her hands on. She loves belting out a tune, curling up with a good book, and settling in with a hank of yarn and a pair of knitting needles. That’s when she’s not hiking hills or climbing rocks, of course. Jess and husband, James, a web application developer, are loving their new home life with Audrey and feline friend, Winnie.

As Cassel Bear’s Senior Designer, Jess relishes using her gifts to help companies spark their kinetic energy. She accepts each challenge, eager to put her creative finger on that one clever solution. Jess envisions each company as a person, and it’s her joy to outfit them with a perfectly-fitted, custom-designed wardrobe in which they feel not just fine, but absolutely fabulous.

What Jess rocks: informational typography, brand identity, color analysis, photography, and knowing the difference between the correct use of a hyphen, en-dash, and em-dash.