At Cassel Bear, we create everything from logos to websites, print brochures to billboards, product labels to corporate videos. Regardless, the trademark of our work is design with a purpose. Every color, font, image, line, and word is thought through and chosen for a reason: namely, to captivate an eager audience with the unique story of your business or organization.

What does a potent visual identity do for your brand? It memorably differentiates you in clients' minds from your competitors. Designed effectively, it can be utilized everywhere – on a small business card or a large billboard – to saturate the market with your presence. And, as the saying goes, an image can be worth a thousand words; your logo tells the split-second story of your business or organization.

Do you know what makes your business distinctive? Do others? What is your organization trying to be, to do – and to avoid? A comprehensive branding effort can bring clarity to your mission and ensure consistency in the way you market yourself – in print, on the Web, and out of the mouths of your team. It gets words and images working in tandem to lend silver-bullet efficacy to your communication efforts.

On a shelf of rack cards, amidst pages of ads, in a pile of direct mail flyers, you want your print piece to pop. And so, it's important to achieve design that skillfully stands out with arresting imagery, a notable shape or size, an unusual paper texture or finish. Often the first introduction to your company or organization, a successful piece will immediately capture attention – and then hold it from cover to cover.

Today, if you don't have a website, you're missing the primary opportunity to communicate with a broad audience. A well-crafted, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate site allows users to find you as they search, get acquainted with the services you provide, and interact with the site to purchase, ask questions, become a member, and more. Design, Content, and Functionality: a recipe for a killer site.

Ever think about the impact of good – or bad – design in daily life? Signage can set you on the right path – or get you lost. Billboards and truck wraps might intrigue you about a product – or leave you confused about what it does. Trade show booths, labels, banners, and more: successful environmental marketing testifies about your brand, while towing the line of standing out and fitting in to the world around it.